A/C Thief Caught!

I got a call today from the Police that the person who stole my A/C unit has been apprehended! He is going to be order to pay restitution so there is a chance I will get my money back, although as a dead beat I might now. Who knows, but I am glad to know this guy is off the streets.

You can read my original post about the theft here…

Apparently this guy stole A LOT of A/C units. I guess there is a big market for selling stolen A/C units on the black market. It seems like there would be much better things to steal for the amount of work you have to go through, but I am not a thief so I am not qualified to speak on such things.

After the original unit was stolen we began securing the A/C units to the piers below the home using a thick cable that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. This precaution is very inexpensive so even though this guy is off the street, we are going to continue using it.

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