Construction Update on First Home

Its been a week since the home was delivered and things are coming along nicely. The A/C has been installed, the plumbing is all in, and the inside of the home is finished. There was some drywall that had to be patched after shipping, and a good bit of crown molding and baseboard that had to be installed on site.

The A/C company did the A/C unit and the power box all at once. They installed a circuit breaker on the side of the home and wired in the whole house and the A/C unit. It only took them 1 day to get all of the electrical and A/C in.

The plumber came and had to run a number of pipes under the home. The drains had to be run from each bathroom and the kitchen out to the septic tank. The water tap was put in by the county and the plumber connected the incoming fresh water to the home. Seeing how easily accessible the pipes are under the house makes me feel good as an investor. If there are ever any plumbing problems down the road it won’t be very difficult to get underneath. Most homes in Florida are built on a slab so correcting plumbing problems can be very very expensive.

The interior drywall work looks good, it only took about a day for the drywall sub to finish up and have the inside looking perfect. We still have to get someone in to seam the carpet where the sides meet but the inside is pretty close to being finished.

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